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Our small grants scheme is now closed to shopfront improvement and shop back-to-use applications within the central part of town only (between the Town Hall and the Co-op).  Please note that in order for applications for shop premises to be approved, the overall building must be in a good state of repair. The small grant and homeowner grant schemes remain closed at this time and will be reviewed in August 2023.
  1. Grants to Homeowners, £835k.
  2. Grant to Shop Owners, £385k To improve appearance of shop fronts and the High Street
  3. Shops Back into Use, £135k to help support bringing vacant units back into use.
All grants must be applied for and go through a two stage application and approval process. Please note no grant application is guaranteed to be successful. The grant programme is expected to be oversubscribed. The grant process and application form is available on the download page or click here,

    Interactive Map

    Hover over a building on the Maybole High Street to see examples of what work could be done, and to enquire whether your may be able apply for a grant if this is your building.


    Unlisted Building
    C-Listed Buildings
    B-Listed Buildings
    A-Listed Building
    Applications are scored on a variety of criteria including grant type, listed status, location, community value and scope of repairs.  For further information on how grant applications are processed please contact our team. For more information please see the Projects page, contact the Maybole Regeneration Project Team using the form below and download the information leaflets available in the download section.