Maybole Regeneration

The Maybole Regeneration Project is a unique partnership project between Maybole Community Council, South Ayrshire Council and funders with a strong focus on community lead regeneration. The project is focused on delivering projects which will make the town an even better place to live, work, visit and do business.

The Maybole Regeneration will be achieved  by working closely with the community and local businesses, investing up to £12m. Having started in 2020 ( with delays due to COVID) the project looks to complete in Dec 2024.

The Projects fall into four categories:

  • Priority Grant Scheme Preserving and conserving historic buildings of significance both privately and publicly owned buildings in the town centre including the Town Hall and the Castle
  • Small Grants Scheme. Improving privately owned buildings in the centre of the town
  • Activities and Training Programme which offers training for local construction companies in traditional building techniques and opportunities for the community to learn and participate in activities related to the historic built environment.
  • Active Travel. Creating and improving accessibility of the town centre for walkers, wheelers and cyclists.

South Ayrshire Council is committed to the success of the project, investing £1,265,000 in the regeneration of Maybole.

Click on the link below to find out more about the different projects.


Interactive Map

Hover over a building on the Maybole High Street to see examples of what work could be done. More information is available on applying for grant on the grant page or by clicking this. 

This year,(Year 2) the scheme is focusing on buildings within the central High Street area.  Applications are scored on a variety of criteria including grant type, listed status, location, community value and scope of repairs.  For further information on how grant applications are processed please contact our team. Please visit the download page for the grant process and application form or click HERE.


Unlisted Building
C-Listed Buildings
B-Listed Buildings
A-Listed Building