Project Progress


Renovation and Refurbishment Work

Duration: 10 Months – Completed

Formerly the Speakers. This community-owned building was completed in 2022. The scheme was funded by Historic Environment Scotland, Heritage Lottery, the National Lottery, and North Carrick Community Benefit Company and South Ayrshire Council via the Scottish Governments Town Centre Fund.

Overall Progress
2018 May Funding secured
Nov 2019 Contractor starts works
January 2021 - Practical Completion of Speakers, now named Goudie's

Maybole Public Realm and Active Travel Project

High Street Plans with Improve Cycling & Walking Routes

Duration: 14 Months

A project that will improve walking and cycling into Mayboles’ historic centre and to the proposed new school campus. The scheme is being revisited to enable two-way traffic while offering a significantly enhanced accessible town centre. As a result work subject to consents and funding will begin in early 2024.

Overall Progress

Small Grants & Shopfront Improvement Project- Currently Closed

Duration: 3 Years

This scheme is focused on shops and private dwellings in the high street and is funded by the owners, Historic Environment Scotland and the Heritage Lottery. As of summer 2023, five schemes are moving to the construction stage all of which aim to complete by winter 2023/spring 2024.

Grants of up to £20,000 have been available to owners for the repair and maintenance of traditional buildings in the project area.

To date we have three owners at tender stage to carry out improvement works to their properties. starting in Summer 2023 and talks are continuing with several other project area property owners who have expressed an interest in participating in the grant schemes.

Both of these Schemes are currently closed, however will be reviewed around August 2023.

Overall Progress

Maybole Castle

The Cassillis and Culzean estate owned historic 15th century Castle is currently under a conservation and repair scheme which began in February 2023 and is expected to complete in Spring 2024. The scheme is focused on securing the future of the building and enabling the building to be used as a community resource when complete. The scheme is funded by the owners, Historic Environment Scotland, Heritage Lottery and the Scottish Government’s regeneration Capital Grants Fund.

Overall Progress

Priority Projects

Maybole Town Hall – Owned by South Ayrshire Council the scheme’s aim is to make the town hall more accessible to all audiences, improving the spaces and facilities while conserving and protecting the fabric of the building. The scheme will complete in Summer 2023 with a community opening event planned in Autumn 2023. The scheme is funded by the Council, Historic Environment Scotland, Heritage Lottery, and The Scottish Governments Regeneration Capital Grants Programme..

Charity Shop – Extensive renovations are continuing to bring the Charity Shop and the flat above back into use. The work is expected to complete in June 2023.

Maybole Castle – Work has started in this project in March 2023, which will take around 12 months to complete.

Two further priority projects are currently being evaluated to be included in the regeneration project.

Overall Progress

Activities & Training Programme

This scheme, funded by Historic Environment Scotland offers training for local contractors and learning opportunities. As of March 2023, 30 local contractors undertook accredited training in traditional  building techniques. Over 2100 of all age groups within the local community have connected with projects including our heritage day in May of 2022, our arts programme including our historic talks, our school programme which includes supporting students to learn about employment opportunities in construction and our volunteering programme.

Overall Progress