Project Progress


Renovation and Refurbishment Work

Duration: 10 Months

The Speakers, a well used community facility, event space and bar in the heart of Maybole is currently being restored and renovated that will secure this building for current and future generations.

Overall Progress
2018 May Funding secured
Nov 2019 Contractor starts works
January 2021 - Practical Completion of Speakers, now named Goudie's

Maybole Public Realm and Active Travel Project

High Street Plans with Improve Cycling & Walking Routes

Duration: 18 Months

A project that will improve walking and cycling into Mayboles’ historic centre and to the proposed new school campus. Due Start date 2022, completion Date 2023, dependant on bypass works

Overall Progress

Shopfront Improvement Project

Duration: 3 Years

So far 5 Shop Front Improvement grants have been preliminary approved. Works to develop these will start soon.

Overall Progress
Grants of up to £23,750 available to owners of property in the project area
Spring 2020 Grants scheme launched

Activities Programme

Started in January 2021 with a series of evening talks and training programmes being organised.

Overall Progress

Small Grants Scheme

Grants of up to £20,000 will be available to owners for the repair and maintenance of traditional buildings in the project area.

Round 2 of Grant Applications are closed we will look to re-open in December 2021.

Overall Progress
Grants of up to £20,000 available
8 Preliminary Grant Applications have been approved. Work to progress these will start in Year 2.