Maybole Regeneration Project.

Recap and Reboot with our new Podcast!

Back in February of this year, the Maybole Regeneration Project started a partnership with the University of West Scotland’s media students to make a monthly podcast.

The Podcast is called Recap Reboot. Every month UWS students will talk to the people who are working hard to bring new life to the South Ayrshire town while looking back at its rich history and the community who live and work in the ancient capital of Carrick

The aim of the podcast is to:

  • Take a co-production approach to involve the local community in the production process, not just through interviews but also hands on activities and opportunities to be exposed to new skills.
  • Be aimed at and accessible to the local community, to keep them informed of the progress of the Maybole Regeneration Project.
  • Promote the Maybole and North Carrick area to a wider audience.

In this first episode (link to listen is below) you get to meet the team and hear what we love about Maybole and there is a great snippet on Maybole’s long and fascinating history.

Going forward we really want to get the community involved if you have any ideas and want to be interviewed please email [email protected].

Without further ado is here the link to Episode 1 of Recap Reboot:—Episode-1-evt6ea?fbclid=IwAR27uyrH92lDSh6Ct8Ibc48ftW5Tdv2iKuPtWm2NzJt24RE-4t4RVaQtEGM

The Maybole Regeneration Project would like to thank the UWS students for all their hard work and Liam McCourt from Carrick Academy for making the music of the podcast!

You can also listen to the podcast on other platforms:


Google Podcasts:




We hope you enjoyed it!